Demolition derby, capture the flag, drift - with xDroid we bring racing video games from the screen to the real world. Play alone, with your friends, family or other xDroid enthusiasts. Develop your career to unlock new games, even design your own games, and turn the whole world into an interactive playground.

Three main elements help us bringing the classic virtual gaming experience to the real world: The xDroid hobby-grade smartphone controlled car replaces the virtual vehicle. With xPoints - small interactive checkpoints - you can collect bonuses, scores and power-ups. Just like in video games! Our mobile gaming app provides games, controller and a social platform in one. In this way we create a thrilling new user experience.


The xDroid is based on a remote controlled car chassis and as a good hobby-grade r/c car is equipped with high performance motor, 4 wheels-drive, robust suspension system and high-capacity exchangeable battery. But this guy is not so simple as it seems. It has long range Wi-Fi connectivity module, number of sensors to track position of the car and interaction with other cars or game objects, as well as LED bars to indicate game events.

Our advanced power unit allows you to take full control over your car's behaviour: adapt the sharpness of the steering, acceleration and speed of the car as well as breaking force. Or simply choose from our calibrated presets (we call them spirits): trophy, drift, rally, demolition and many more.

This way xDroids adapts to all challenges and feels good on any surface like grass, dirt or concrete and durable to sustain bumps, flips and jumps. Doesn’t really matter, where you drive, trucks are robust, water and dust friendly to ensure a long lifetime, but in case you crash it too hard, they’re easy-to-fix and tune. We will have tuning parts available in the future as well.

Bonuses, scores and superpowers! Just like in video games, xPoints expand your gaming options, acting as a beacon to activate extra features. Place the small interactive checkpoints on the ground and start the game. Once you drive over the xPoint a specific action depending on the game will happen e.g.: assigning you the flag, giving you points, adding time etc.

xPoints are not mandatory to play with xDroid. There a numerous games without them, but your gaming options expand massively with xPoints.

El Diablo, Shen Long or the Rolling Dead - what’s your favorite character? Trucks are available in three hand-crafted designs, which are inspired by urban graphics and performed by well-known illustrator Michael Hacker, giving xDroid a unique and playful look. More designs will be unlocked once we reach our stretch goal.


Run your app, host a game or join an existing one, tap Go and here the fun begins: master your racing skills, drift in the city jungles, perform stunts in the skate park, capture the flag, dominate your opponents and much more. xDroid is for every player from young to old in a single, parent-child or multiplayer mode.

The xDroid app is the heart of the ecosystem, providing games, controller and a social platform in one. It connects via an innovative Wi-Fi mesh network to xDroids and xPoints, controls the xDroid with incomparable accuracy and gives you audio and physical feedback during the game. Our connectivity system allows for up to 5 players or teams to play together.


One of the most exciting parts of any video game are superpowers! Being gamers by ourselves, we could not forget about them. Having full control over all the cars in the game-set, you can invert the opponents steering, slow them down or stop their engines. You will love the look on their faces.


The xDroid app is available for iOS and Android devices, and is our direct connection to the players - you! We want to build a strong community by connecting people close by to play together, hosting tournaments and comparing results. But the true game changer for us is the game creation part! In the future you will be able to create your own games and share them with the community.


Modes & Games


Free drive mode.  Master your driving skills! In this mode we can easily track your driving performance and give you a feedback as well as some hints on how to improve them.


Stunt mode. Wheelie, Ollie, Backflip, Wildcat, Right-side Spin, 50-50 Slide… Our advanced positioning system can track any kind of slides, spins, flips, drifts and even can measure an in-air time. So what are you waiting for? Just take your xDroid, go to a skatepark and enjoy unlimited fun.

Parent-child mode. Most of our team members have kids in an age of 0-5 and we felt that they’re still not yet ready for such a toy. We tested many times different r/c cars, boats and even drones. The result was always the same - crash. That’s why we created so-called “parent-child mode”. In this mode you can delegate only partial control to your kid like in driving school. For example: you can be responsible for acceleration, while she would steer. This way you can enjoy playing even with the smallest ones. And… all fathers know, that the kid is the best excuse to buy toys for yourself ;)

We created xDroid to be a social toy - the real fun begins when you play with others!


Capture the flag. The goal of this game is to be faster than your opponents! Once an xPoint starts to blink, the player who reaches it first earns the flag. Be quick! Next, you need to cover all other xPoints to be crowned the winner of this game. But be aware…your opponents can steal the flag from you by bumping into your car.


Destruction derby. Who is the toughest rider? Bump into your opponents, hit them where it hurts the most and protect your sensitive areas. Whose life bar lasts the longest wins.


Domination. Who is the most dominant player in the game? Drive over as many xPoints in a limited time frame. The one who marked the most wins!

Gold Digger. Gettin’ money! Blue is 10 Points, Green is 5 Points, Red is -20 Points! Once the xPoint starts blinking in one of the colors the fastest one who covers it gets the points, but better stay away from the red ones.

Сatch-up. Tag game… earning scores for every second without a tag.


And that’s only a few examples. We have in mind more than 50 game ideas, thanks to the creativity of our more than 500 beta test-drivers. Add here different locations, game modifications, scoring mechanics and superpowers and you will get almost unlimited gaming options.


Community is our driver! So even you if you only get one xDroid, with our app you would have the possibility to find friends around you to arrange meet-ups and play xDroid together.

Droid mode.

Learn coding or teach your kids coding with our graphical coding language! Code an autonomous ride, set up a parkour and challenge your coding skills with our exclusive code-to-drive feature.

Another killer feature of the xDroid universe is our social gaming platform (in the development). Game creation feature is the real game changer for us. We’re developing a platform, that will allow players to create their very own games using simple graphical programming language and share these games with their friends and community. This makes xDroid gaming possibilities unlimited.


Develop your career, collect xMiles and unlock new games, features and real rewards. How does it work? Collect xMiles for every meter driven, every game won, social engagement and more. Unlock new games, xSpirits, play modes, exclusive rewards and much more. The more miles you earn, the more opportunities are opening for you.

XCORE Already owner of an RC?

Already owner of an RC? Enhance your old car with our xCore and join the xDroid gaming world. Replace your 2,4GHz receiver with the xCore, connect your servo and ESC with 3-pin connectors, attach LED bars to your housing, calibrate the steering in the app and you’re ready to play.

XCORE Already owner of an RC?