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xPoints are small interactive discs that allow you to collect bonuses and scores, or apply superpowers against your opponents. Just place them on the ground to mark the playing area. This can be anywhere – a playground, a garden, a park or even indoors.
The core of the xDroid universe is our social gaming platform. Play games created by xDroid, yourself or other players – both in single or multi player mode. Simply select the game you want to play in the xDroid app, push “start” and the fun begins! But don’t forget to apply your superpowers against your opponents.
The xTag transforms any toy into an interactive supertoy! This can be a remote controlled car, a drone, a skateboard, a scooter, or even yourself. Just stick the xTag on the designated toy or device and start playing.

Capture the flag

The goal is to be faster than your opponents! Once an xPoint starts to blink, the player who covers it first earns the flag. So be quick! Next, you need to cover all other xPoints to be crowned the winner of this game. But be aware…your opponents can steal the flag from you by bumping into you.

Domination game

This game can be played with remote controlled cars. The goal is to capture xPoints as fast as possible by driving over them and making sure they light up in your players color. The more checkpoints you have at any point in time, the more scores you earn. You also have 3 superpowers to hinder your opponents.

Tag game

In this game, one player is randomly selected to be it – aka being “tagged”. The aim now is to drop that tag as quickly as possible by bumping into any of the opponents. While they, of course, have to avoid being bumped by the tagged player. After a certain period of time, a new player gets randomly selected and the game starts all over again.

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